PMD Magnetics supplies professional data media to meet all your digital storage recording needs.  Fuji LTO7 LTO6 LTO5 LTO4 LTO3 Ultrium Data Tapes DVD and CDR discs BluRay Discs Hard Drives USB Memory Cards and XDCAM Media.  We supply the leading global brands Fujifilm, HP Enterprise, IBM, Oracle StorageTek, Sony, Verbatim, G-Tech, Lacie, Caldigit, Quantum, Kingston, SanDisk and Mitsubishi products.

As a registered IBM Business Partner, we provide a complete range of tape storage technologies.  From desktop LTO tape drives and autoloaders, through to automated midrange and enterprise tape libraries, IBM leads the market in tape hardware development.  Next generation IBM TS1150 drives with 3592JD tape media and IBM Spectrum Archive Enterprise software help manage your Big Data requirements. 


PMD Magnetics is an Oracle StorageTek Tape Library Specialist, qualified to supply both Oracle hardware and software solutions including Oracle T10K Enterprise tapes and LTO Ultrium solutions.





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PMD Magnetics is an HP Enterprise Storage Silver Partner and provide a full range of data storage solutions to meet the requirements of data users.  This includes the HPE StoreEver family of LTO Ultrium tape drives, HPE autoloaders, HPE libraries, HPE StoreOnce disk backup and HPE services.  Installation, service and maintenance contracts are provided to cover all requirements.


PMD Magnetics is a major supplier of LTO Ultrium tapes to all industries.  We also supply Enterprise T10000 tapes for StorageTek tape libraries and 3592 for IBM backup and archive systems.


PMD Magnetics’ range of services also includes labelling for LTO data tapes and other formats. The company is a specialist in providing a wide range of premium quality customised printed USB Drives. PMD Magnetics can also offer complete in house design of printed disc media with a wide range of customised packaging – including security seals when needed.


PMD Magnetics endorse the mantra ‘Cradle to Grave’ or in other words “Total Lifetime Media Management”.  So from legacy formats to the current highest capacity new technology products, PMD Magnetics supply the format you require. As your trusted supplier, PMD Magnetics can provide in house, certified data media destruction and recycling facilities in secure, controlled conditions. 


PMD Magnetics can destroy encoded media using our shredding and granulation facilities that satisfy the demands of Government departments and agencies, councils, industry, education, broadcasters and commerce.  The shredded materials, plastics and various metals are recycled to effectively support our environmental policy and helps us ensure we take a positive position on green initiatives for the benefit of our clients, our company and the Planet Earth.


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