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Latest news from PMD Magnetics

23 Oct 2014

Verity Systems Hard Drive and Tape Degaussers

PMD Magnetics are pleased to offer the Verity Systems range of hard drive and tape Degaussers and erasers. These innovative products, along with our data media destruction services help fuel our ongoing mantra of “Cradle to Grave data management”.


Reliable erasing or Degaussing of media is essential to the data management lifecycles. Your business needs to trust that data is destroyed and not retrievable, particularly where sensitive data is being handled and processed.


Verity Systems degaussers are manufactured in the UK with the maximum level of security achievable. They are certified in the United States by NSA, in the UK by CESG and in Europe by NATO. These degaussers represent the state of the art in this technology.


Applications of this data erasing technology includes key sectors such as Defence, Healthcare, Broadcast Media, Education and Law Enforcement / Security.


Although degaussing media offers a useful and viable option for the removal of sensitive data, PMD Magnetics also provides a service where media can be collected and returned to PMD Magnetics for Certified Shredding and complete destruction under controlled conditions.  Some data users may wish to use a Verity Systems Degausser to erase data, prior to collection and total destruction of materials by PMD Magnetics.  For further details contact


Verity Systems degaussers are available through our online catalogue here